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Healthy eating

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We at Tots Nursery are aware of the importance of children having a healthy and varied diet.  ‘If good eating habits are instilled at an early age, they would become habits of a lifetime’ Rose Gray.

Children are encouraged to try a variety of foods whilst always taking into consideration any special dietary requirements.

We believe that mealtimes should be social, happy times, our staff sit with the children while they eat acting as a good role model and helping to promote the development of social skills and table manners.
 Children aged between one and three years need a diet with adequate intakes of energy and nutrients for growth and development. As children of this age have a variable appetite that is affected by fluctuations in their growth and activity levels a meal pattern of three small meals and two - three small snacks are best for children this age.

Menus are displayed outside all rooms and are produced in conjunction with Hertfordshire County Councils healthy eating scheme. Vegetarian options are available daily and fresh fruit or yoghurt are always available as an alternative pudding / dessert. 

If you have any special dietary requirements please inform the nursery manager and we will cater for your child on an individual basis. Water, milk or diluted fruit juice is available throughout the day. Morning and afternoon snacks are a selection of fruit, vegetables, cheese, breadsticks or a healthy alternative.   Food is closely monitored to ensure that the children’s intake of salt is kept to a minimum and that food is free from artificial additives. 


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