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Tots -Leavesden
Tots - Bricket Wood

Aims and principles of our nursery curriculum

[images/letterbaby] Letterbaby
  • To offer equal opportunities for each child.
  • To provide a safe, secure and stimulating environment and encourage children to be responsible for its care.
  • To encourage and develop self-esteem, a sense of achievement and self-confidence.
  • To enable children to express fears and anxieties and cope with difficult experiences.
  • To foster in children a caring and respectful attitude towards peers and adults.
  • To cater for the intellectual, spiritual, moral, physical, social and emotional needs of all.
  • To provide opportunities for children to gain control over their bodies.
  • To develop awareness of the needs of others.
  • To promote communication skills.
  • To encourage independence and a sense of responsibility.
  • To develop spatial awareness.
  • To develop manipulative skills and hand/eye
  • To develop language and reasoning skills.
  • To encourage learning through direct experience.
  • To develop concentration and listening skills.
  • To develop observation skills.
  • To encourage creativity and imagination.
  • To direct their own learning and make choices, and engage in problem solving.
  • To develop mathematical and scientific concepts.
  • To encourage children to widen their knowledge
    through the love of books.
  • To offer a wide range of multi-cultural activities for
    each child.
  • To enable parents/carers and people in the community
    to be actively involved within the nursery to help
    children in their learning.

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