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Tots -Leavesden
Tots - Bricket Wood

Educational aims

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

  • to encourage independence and self-help skills and to interact with peers and adults and take turns as part of a group
  • to help children solve problems for themselves and understand the difference between right and wrong
  • to teach children to understand the importance of manners and personal skills such as washing, cleaning teeth, flushing the toilet, and so on
  • to consider the feelings of others and be aware of others and to take care of the environment, the equipment and the toys they use.

 Communication and Language

    • to encourage children to talk freely to both their peers and adults about past, current, and forthcoming events, activities, wishes and so on
    • to help them progress with confidence in larger groups and to develop their language through song, rhymes and role play


  • to encourage the free use of story books and work books
  • to develop their emergent writing
  • to develop an awareness of letter sounds and recognition
  • to create an awareness of rhyming and rhythmic patterns


  • to develop an understanding and recognition of numbers and their addition and subtraction
  • to create an awareness of activities such as weighing, measuring, balancing, floating and sinking and of mathematical language such as circle, square etc.
  • to relate numeracy to everyday life

Understanding Of The World  

  • to learn the shape of our world and to know of the seasons, weather, months, days, time, how things grow, land and oceans, the moon and stars
  • to develop appreciation that there are other countries, languages, races, religions, climates, foods, forms of dress, and that many people have disabilities which affect their lives
  • to promote learning about and caring for insects and animals, both in the wild and at home and plants and trees
  • to appreciate technology and learn to benefit from it.

Physical Development

  • to allow children into the fresh air with exercise daily and to encourage both free play and organised activities within groups
  • to promote movement and balance and to enjoy indoor activities such as music and movement and the use of constructional toys and equipment to develop dexterity.

Expressive Arts and Design

  • to encourage children through the materials and ideas available in the nursery to understand and explore colour and texture and develop their own creativity both indoors and out
  • to allow them the freedom of choice to develop their own individual ideas and to investigate and act out their emotional feelings
  • to experience musical instruments, music itself, and to develop creativity in movement, dancing, singing and so on.


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